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My name is James Reeves, and I am the owner and Advisor Representative at Horizon Digital Asset Advisors.

Like many people, I have grown worried and weary about the state of national and international monetary and fiscal policies. The Great Recession of 2008 showed us all that indeed, the emperor has no clothes, and that those very few in charge of the money supply are the ones with the power.

Luckily, just a year later in 2009, a mysterious person or persons, under the pseudonymous name “Satoshi Nakamoto” released a whitepaper on how we could remedy the situations brought upon the nation and world and truly separate money from the centralized banks and governments of the world and give monetary control back to the people. That whitepaper was of course on Bitcoin, a decentralized peer-to-peer digital money system built on blockchain, which is a fully sovereign money, free from the auspices of government and central bank control.

The Bitcoin whitepaper, slowly at first, gained a following. From fractions of a penny in 2009, to one dollar in 2011, to its first meteoric rise in 2013 to $1100, followed by a steady climb to tens of thousands of dollars today, Bitcoin has taken centerstage in the world of decentralized digital assets.

Many more have followed. It isn’t just Bitcoin alone. There are literally tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies, called “alt coins”, that have risen (and many fallen) over the last decade. The coupling of blockchain technology with money has proven to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors. In the world of commerce, there have been four great discoveries: the wheel, the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, and the Internet. Blockchain technology has taken spot number five, and it has already revolutionized e-commerce and the Internet. The direct tangible result of blockchain is of course Bitcoin and those that have since followed.

Long story short, this is an amazing time for main street investors. Once in a generation, if not generations, does an investment class surface that allows retail investors like you to produce generational wealth, if invested correctly. My goal is to provide you the guidance and knowledge you will need to invest in this fantastic but also deeply technical asset class, safely and efficiently.

But don’t expect to strike it rich overnight. Play the long game with digital assets, invest conservatively, and learn about what you are investing in. I will help you along this path. Don’t fall for the idea that it appears like everyone who invests in crypto will magically be a millionaire overnight – this has only happened to a relatively few numbers of people. Through careful, long-term investment strategies, over time, digital assets have the potential to vastly outperform traditional asset classes, thus securing your future and your heirs’ futures. But please always keep in mind that past performance does not guarantee future results, and never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Thank you for visiting this website. I really hope we get to work together and that you grant me the opportunity to teach you about digital assets and how to invest in those digital assets. If you would like to know more, please enter your contact information to receive your free e-book on crypto investing basics.

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