I firmly believe in a financially and socially democratized future. But what does that mean? Simply put, a democratized economy and society means information stays with, and belongs to, the individual. To me, it is as American as things get; information liberty that rests with the individual. Blockchain and crypto technology make this democratized future possible and supports individual liberties, and by association, all the rights and freedoms secured by our constitutional republic.

The future belongs to the individual, where you own your information, your finances, and your social reputation. Again, blockchain and crypto make this all possible. Even though as a society we are still in the early stages of this information revolution on blockchain, it has already been ingrained in our social and financial zeitgeist and is represented by a combined industry market cap of over one trillion dollars. Due to Metcalfe’s Law, this figure will grow exponentially over the coming years and decades as more users onboard.

With that knowledge, I consider it a duty to “spread the good word”, so to speak, and guide individuals on how to financially secure their futures by riding the good word of blockchain and crypto to an industry market cap of multi-trillions of dollars. But the downside of this asset class is the fact that it is so information dense, and the rabbit-holes of information that exist can drive an individual to a paralysis of fear of learning it, much less investing in it.

This is the point where I come in as an Investment Advisor Representative specializing in digital assets. My goal is to take this information dense subject matter and make it relative to your situation in a very high-level, 35,000-foot view. You don’t need to spend time learning all the ins and out of investing in this new asset class – there are just too many pitfalls to fathom for the individual to navigate successfully on their own. You need a trusted guide to navigate investments in blockchain and crypto.

I don’t play the short game either. I believe deliberate, long-term plays on “blue chip” digital assets and cryptocurrencies, will preserve wealth. I don’t chase short-term market trends, and I don’t try to time the market. I believe first in a fundamental analysis of digital assets to find value. I then combine that with on-chain and trend analysis of the assets to determine financial and social market sentiment. The fundamental analysis, however, is key. Again, I am looking for value holds for a long-time horizon to create, grow, and preserve digital wealth for the long term.

In conclusion, I want to help you the investor, grow your wealth in this nascent, but dense, asset class. It is just too dangerous for the individual to learn just enough to throw money at crypto and hope something sticks. That is speculation, and gambling. Don’t play the crypto market, invest in it. Again, I want to be your guide. I want to help you see how even adding just 1-5% of your wealth into digital assets can be truly beneficial to your personal and familial wealth picture.

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